Our Members

Ann Astell, Department of Theology

Erik Beardsley, Department of Accountancy

Philip Bess, School of Architecture

Heather Boyd, Notre Dame Research

Madeline Bradley, Department of History

Jeffrey Burks, Department of Accountancy

Margaret Cabaniss, Center for Ethics and Culture

Monica Caro, Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Paolo Carozza, Kellogg Institute for International Studies & Law School

Peter Casarella, Department of Theology

Daniel Costello, Department of Electrical Engineering

Martijn Cremers, Department of Finance

Marian Crowe, Emeritus Program of Liberal Studies

Michael Crowe, Emeritus Program of Liberal Studies

Robert Cunningham, College of Science and Engineering

Maureen Dawson, First Year of Studies

Patrick Deneen, Department of Political Science

Fr. Terrence Ehrman, C.S.C., Center for Theology, Science and Human Flourishing

Angela Engelsen, Mendoza College of Business

Petra Farrell, Center for Ethics and Culture

Harindra Fernando, Civil Engineering & Environmental & Earth Sciences

Lauren Fox, Office of Development

Alfred Freddoso, Philosophy Department Emeritus

Nicole Garnett, Notre Dame Law School

Rick Garnett, Notre Dame Law School

John Gaski, Department of Marketing

Marissa Gebhard, Office of the Executive Vice President

Michael Griffin, Holy Cross College 

Ken Hallenius, Center for Ethics and Culture

Peter Hlabse, Center for Ethics and Culture

Laura Hollis, Department of Accountancy

Dan Hubert, Learning Outcome Program

Harv Humphrey, Campus Ministry-Basilica

Luc Jaeger, NDIAS Fellow

Joseph Kaboski, Department of Economics

Barry Keating, Department of Finance

Jessica Keating, Office of Human Dignity and Life Initiatives

Peter Kilpatrick, College of Engineering

Beth Klein, Kresge Law Library

Cathy Laake, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Charles Lamphier, Office of Mission Engagement and Church Affairs

Sharon Loftus, Law School

David Lutz, Holy Cross College Department of Philosophy

Ryan Madison, Center for Ethics and Culture

William Mattison, Theology/ACE

Anna McKeever, Office of Human Resources

Fr. Bill Miscamble, C.S.C., Department of History

Anthony Monta, Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Peter Moody, Department of Political Science

Francesca Murphy, Department of Theology

Tonia Murphy, Department of Accountancy

Laura Nash, Center for Ethics and Culture

Walter Nicgorski, Program of Liberal Studies

James O'Brien, Department of Accountancy

Timothy O'Malley, Institute for Church Life

Brett Perkins, Campus Ministry

Andre Polaniecki, Holy Cross College Athletics Department

Andrew Polaniecki, Holy Cross College Campus Ministry

Adrian Reimers, Department of Philosophy

Gabriel Reynolds, Department of Theology

Michael Rippy, Snite Museum of Art

Bill Schmitt, Cushwa Center

Kelley Shrock, Investment Office

Thomas Gordon Smith, School of Architecture

O. Carter Snead, Center for Ethics and Culture & Law School

David Solomon, Department of Philosophy

Jeff Spoonhower, Film, Television, & Theatre

Marie Spoonhower, Admissions

Zachary Stangebye, Department of Economics

Duncan Stroik, School of Architecture

Vicki Toumayan, Office of Undergraduate Studies College of Arts and Letters

John Uhran, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Tracy Westlake, Center for Ethics and Culture

Sarah Yaklic, Office of Mission Engagement and Church Affairs

Michael Zenk, Notre Dame Research