Become a 2023 member

Welcome to UFL! Becoming a member (or renewing your membership) in UFL requires a two step process. First, complete "Demographic Information" (Section 1) below and click submit. Second, follow one of the two links under "Payment" (Section 2) to submit your dues. Your membership will be current only after both sections have been completed. 

Membership runs on a calendar year (January-December) basis, so please renew your membership as early as possible in each calendar year.  If you have already registered with the national office, please stop. You are already a member of our chapter and just need to alert us via email at that you have registered through the national organization. 

Thank you!

Demographic Information


Upon completing the form above, please proceed directly to pay membership dues. Membership dues may be paid by FOAPAL or credit card and are as follows:
Faculty: $40 (Please note that this is a $5 increase from years past set by the national chapter.)
Staff: $10
Click here to pay by credit card. or Click here to pay by FOAPAL.